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What should I expect from electrolysis?

After care for electrolysis

Instructions for  Emla, l-max & ela-max numbing creams for electrolysis

What can I do between visits to remove the hair?

How long does electrolysis take?

Who should not call for an electrolysis treatment?

Does electrolysis scar?

Instructions for before & after microdermabrasion

What should I expect from electrolysis?

Hours & First Time Client info

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. Various body areas can be worked on from the hairline to the toes. For a full list of areas I work on see "Common Areas for Hair Removal". The hair must be long enough to feel stubble, as if you did not shave your legs for 2-3 days. (This is so I can remove the hair once it has been treated with a pair of sterile forceps). There is a disposable gold “probe” which is inserted into the follicle. This slides into the follicle & does not puncture the skin. I then step on a pedal that sends current to the root; this lasts for 1000th of a second. (It has been described as a “warm” sensation). The probe is taken out of the follicle, and the hair is removed. You block off appointments ranging from 15 minutes to 1 ½ an hour, depending on how much time is necessary to cover the desired area.

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After Care Instructions For Electrolysis

1. Wipe the area down with Witch Hazel & a little bit of Tend Skin 2-3 times a day for the next couple of days (Tend skin helps to speed up healing, it is very strong & should be diluted with witch hazel, when used on the face. May be used straight for ingrown hairs & razor burn.) .

2.Apply Aloe Vera or Neosporin cream at night.

3. Keep your hands OFF the area. Bacteria will cause you to break out. Should scabbing or tiny pimples occur, DO NOT PICK! Picking can cause scarring. This is a normal part of the healing process. The more often you use Witch Hazel & Tend Skin, the quicker you will heal.

4. Avoid the sun & tanning beds for at least 48 hours before & after Electrolysis. Always wear SPF to protect your skin from pigmentation.

5. Do NOT Tweeze or Wax Anymore. It will Prolong this treatment. You can cut, shave, bleach or use a depilatory.

Any questions, call or email me!

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Instructions for using  numbing creams:

These creams are effective to numb the skin before having Electrolysis on sensitive body areas. I recommend to all clients concerned of discomfort. (I use every time I am in the chair – makes the time fly by!)

Apply a Generous Amount of Lidocaine cream 1 ½ hours  before your treatment, under a piece of saran wrap . It is best to have a "film" on the skin- do not rub in. Re-apply to areas where cream may have dried up from air bubbles. For bikini areas, it is good to put on a pair of tight leggings or bike shorts to keep in place the cream & plastic. Taping the wrap with scotch tape or medical tape also helps. We reccommend press & seal plastic wrap.

We sell Plum Numd for $20 + tax in the spa. You need to apply a hour the treatment so call to arrange pickup if needed.

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How can I remove hair between treatments?

It is OK to cut, shave & use bleach or depilatories in between treatments, as long as you allow the hair to grow in for 1-3 days before treatment. You SHOULD NOT TWEEZE OR WAX this causes the hairs to become ingrown & by the increased blood flow to the area, more hairs may grow in. If you are investing in electrolysis, tweezing & waxing these areas are wasting your time & money. I refer to "eating doughnuts while on a diet" - you get nowhere fast!
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How long does it take to see results?

This depends on each client & their history. There are hundreds of follicles per square inch. Some follicles are active and some are dormant. For permanent hair removal, all active follicles need to be treated. As an example, some people have 2 hairs that are bothering them on the chin, and others can grow a goatee. So obviously the person with less hair will notice results quicker. Also people with hormonal imbalances & that have tweezed or waxed will take longer to see results due to the larger amount of active follicles. For the best results, you need to clear the area & have regular visits, either weekly or once a month, depending on the amount you have & how fast your hair grows. It is best to treat hairs that are just coming to the surface, as these are in an active growing stage, and once hairs are past this, they are in a “resting” stage. Only active hairs can be permanently removed, so for best results come in as soon as you see enough for at least a 15 minute appointment.

**Also please note! Hairs that have been tweezed, waxed, or are very curly have distorted follicles, and have a good chance of coming back as a finer hair. It will then be permanently epilated on the following visit. Distorted means the hair is not growing straight under the surface of the skin, and since the probe goes in straight, if the root is bent we will only get part of it the first treatment. It will come back as a finer hair & then be destroyed.

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Are there any contraindications? (reasons I shouldn't have this done?)

If you have a pacemaker, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or certain diseases (Ex. something that causes you to have slow healing) electrolysis may not be for you. Contact your Dr for more information, and have a note with you for your first treatment. Pregnant women can have work done on areas except the breasts & I personally don’t advise work on the belly at this time. Some other conditions apply, so if you have medical problems discuss them with me before your visit.

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Will it scar?

After electrolysis, you may have some scabs appear over the areas worked on. This is because there is a mild dose of electrical current applied to the hair follicle, and it is the body’s way to protect & heal itself. After the treatment it is very important to follow the after care instructions so that the skin heals properly. You are NOT TO PICK any scabs, or pitting/scarring may occur. The follicle goes deeper into the skin than a regular pimple does and the entire follicle needs to heal undisturbed from sunburn, chemicals (glycolic & other acids) or any other irritation.

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What do I do before & after microdermabrasion?

Pre treatment instructions:

1. You will need to remove contact lenses prior to the treatment. Please do so before the procedure.

2. You cannot have microdermabrasion if you are sunburned. I do require 4 hours cancellation notice or the full fee is charged.

3. If you have a breakout of hives (from stress), the microdermabrasion treatment may cause hives to appear over the area worked on. This happened to me, the hives do go away within 24 hours. Please advise if you have experienced hives recently.

4. It is good to prep the skin with an Exfoliant before the Microdermabrasion, but it is not mandatory. I can give you samples of a Dermalogica Exfoliant to prep your skin, this helps to avoids peeling.

5. You cannot have this treatment until healing is complete from electrolysis & laser hair removal, also not right after waxing the area. Please plan accordingly. Email or call with any questions.

6. If you are prone to cold sores, please contact your Dr – you may need a prescription for Zovirax. You cannot have microdermabrasion or any facials / electrolysis while you have a breakout.

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Post treatment instructions:
1. Be sure to keep your skin hydrated with recommended moisturizer & avoid exfoliating after this treatment for 2-4 days. Do not go in the sun without sunscreen, if you must lay out, please, please wear at least SPF 15 & tan your back that day. You are investing money into your skin’s health & it is a waste if you risk a burn that may cause skin damage, premature aging and/or hyper/hypo-pigmentation. Ask me for a sample of Dermalogica’s self tanner SPF 15.

2. You can use a hydrating masque if you experience dryness & spritz Multi Active Toner over your face several times a day for the next few days.

3. Call or email me with any questions! 

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First time Helpful Info & current hours

To book your first treatment:
  • call 203-325-9565 or email us   and leave us a message with the following info:
  • Full name
  • Your Email- spell out
  • phone #
  • Desired dates, time ranges and service
  • how you heard of us. Please read the fine print: Groupon, Living Social & similar deals are for 1st time clients only. No exceptions!
  • We charge $25 for each no show, and need a credit card to reserve future appointments. No exceptions.
  • We accept cash, check, Visa MasterCard & Discover card for payment. We no longer accept spa wish.

Current Hours (subject to change)
Monday 1:00-8:00
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