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We would like to thank all of you in advance for your kind words and patronage.
Danielle CT  I highly recommend Merilisa’s healing services, I have been doing a lot of personal development the last 5 years, however i could feel something blocking me energetically from true happiness and peace. When i met merilisa she intuitively told me things that resonated with me immediately and when she recommended i do the rising star healing i didn’t hesitate to book it! 3 sessions and 3 months later i am feeling so much better and i am experiencing a state of peace that i have never felt before. I have continued to do electromagnetic healings with her as well which i feel is helping me to release old trapped emotions. I feel much lighter and happier she really has helped me go deeper with my healing journey.

Jackie L Stamford CT Full Time College Student
“30+ electrolysis sessions & facials” Honestly I am happy with everything I have had done here. Lisa is not only SO pleasant to work with & so accommodating to her long term customers, but her services are great. She really is a miracle worker with the electrolysis & also is amazing at facial extractions to get everything out of your pores with facial extractions. I value the improvement the most of the areas Lisa has been working on with the electrolysis. It has been unreal, unparalleled. There is literally no hair there anymore, and it is not coming back! That has been amazing & Lisa’s pleasantness is just a huge plus!

​Kanan Parikh Stamford, CT
I have been coming weekly since 2013 for electrolysis. Great results! Great service & relaxing! No more hair on chin & lip.

Carrie Love Stamford, CT Author
15+ visits for electrolysis- Lisa is excellent & efficient! I love the precision method she uses on me. Lisa uses a flashlight for precision on me since the hairs are so fine. Her accuracy overall is the biggest benefit I get out of my treatments- I am a precise woman by my own actions! So is Lisa- This fact is my favorite abundance I appreciate from Lisa.

June DeAndressi Stamford, CT. Preschool Teacher
I’ve come 10+ times for about 3 months now. I think the Primping Place is Awesome! Lisa is very professional, explains step by step procedures, very gentle & gets the job done right. I am having electrolysis done & am very happy with the results thus far! Lisa offers packages for her clients which is a great way to save $, she is also very flexible with her scheduling.

Anonymous Stamford, CT
I have come for treatments for 3 years. Lisa is fantastic, always friendly, great customer service. I have much less hair growth & and just come in for maintenance now.

Maria B
Lisa, you gave me he best facial ever. It was a series of cleansers, textures, feelings. And yet I was relaxed and peaceful. My skirt n feels smooth and younger and moist and soft. Thank you so much. You worked hard to give me a great experience and I appreciate it.

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